Glasgow/London’s Golden Grrrls are not riot grrrls. Can’t even say that they’re tough necessarily; I mean, just look at those doll-faces. If it weren’t for that and the vocal harmonies (all three members sing as sweetly as the Langley School), the uptempo, ramshackle drumming and quirky, hook-laden guitars might hint at a punk toughness, but would more so suggest the influence of ’80s pop bands like The Pastels, Feelies, Clean, and Beat Happening. Their new self-titled LP, out now on Slumberland here and Night School in Europe, might just be my favorite new release so far this year. They play tonight with SLR labelmates and buddies Veronica Falls and Brilliant Colors.

Guitarist Ruari MacLean and drummer Eilidh Rodgers met while working and then a year later asked friend Rachel Aggs to join in on a second guitar and add a third part to the harmonies. There’s a warmth and familiarity to the songs that could only have been produced by good friends. Rogers tells me over email: “Being close is something that makes the band fun for us. I guess it’s another means of hanging out with each other…It takes the pressure off when we write together because we feel comfortable and there’s no element of expectation. We know what to expect and that makes it feel natural.”

So we’ve established that they write catchy songs. But their videos are pretty great as well. To kick off their US tour, the band shared their video for the track “Take Your Time,” which, through the dark nebulae of superimposed images, hints at what to expect at their live show. Directed by Gordon McDougal, you can check it out below:

My favorite video, however, is the one for album opener “New Pop,” made from found footage by their friend Nick Ainsworth (who has also produced videos for Brilliant Colors, Sex Hands, and more that are well worth watching.) Spoiler alert: no, the band did not actually drive out of a plane.

Veronica Falls, Golden Grrrls, Brilliant Colors
Rickshaw Stop
March 26, 2013
8pm, $12-14, All Ages