Animal Friend

San Francisco’s Animal Friend caught our ear last year with the upbeat, falsetto, and synth-heavy “Sunset”. They’ve come back with even more synthesizers on the track “Just Fine”, which sounds like it could have come from the soundtrack to your favorite teen comedy from the ’80s. The synth bassline that carries the song is a special throwback treat. Animal Friend’s Jasper Speicher tells me the band is in the process of recording an album’s worth of material as well as working on “a van that generates and uploads music based on environment and geography and weather data wherever we go.” Personally, I can’t wait to see the results of both projects.

You can see Animal Friend perform live March 25 at The Knockout. Check out “Just Fine”, below.

Animal Friend, Clintongore, Derde Verde, Bad Daddies
The Knockout
March 25, 2013
9pm, $8