Radiation City

Portland’s Radiation City is an experimental dream pop outfit with decade-blending sound and a killer lead vocalist in Lizzy Ellison. The band has pulled off unconventional moves, like covering Outkast’s The Love Below in its entirety, that most indie bands wouldn’t think of attempting, simultaneously earning a reputation as one of the most promising up-and-coming acts in the US and collecting a fan base that, like its music, spans generations.

Radiation City recently offered its own version of Bart Howard’s iconic tune, “Fly Me To The Moon,” transforming the pop standard from a 1960s Sinatra dream to a bossa nova-tinted dream pop number. With a swirling electronic opener and a retro pop ballad vocal performance, the tune is one part futuristic and three parts classic, summoning a swaying nostalgia rather than the swing style that initially popularized the song.