DonCat, the solo project of Duncan Nielsen, is taking a bit of a unique approach to crowd funding for his first album. From his website:

In this brave year of 2013, I will be releasing one song per month. Every song will be available as a free downloadable treat and will be accompanied by a lovely piece of high-craft artwork by a friend and artist in the San Francisco bay area community. Although these songs will be free, donations are highly encouraged.

This is why: Each person that donates $20 or more at any time during the year will receive, at the end of the year:

One (or multiple, depending on how many twenties you toss in the guitar case) limited run vinyl that will include the collection of songs that I recorded during the year, and a printed insert of all of artwork and lyrics for each song.

The fine print, finally: In order for the vinyls to be made, a minimum of 200 people must donate at least $20 each. If this number is not reached, those of you who have donated may ask for a complete refund, no questions asked. Of course, we artists and musicians love it when you support art for art’s sake 🙂

DonCat’s first single, “Ride On”, is a great start for the project. The track starts off with an easy going vibe, but is especially strong when Neilsen cuts loose and sings at the top of his lungs. His next single, “Poor Man”, will be released at a show at Viracocha with locals Anna Ash and Split Screens and The River Monks from Iowa. “Ride On” and show details are below.

Anna Ash, Split Screens, The River Monks, DonCat
March 22, 2013
8:00pm, $10-$15 sliding scale