Once the dust from Noise Pop has settled and those of us who caravanned to Austin have returned, look forward to Debauch-A-Reno, presented by Reno’s Slovenly Records and The Sticker Guy in the Biggest Little Shitty in the World.

Slovenly owner Pete Menchetti, a.k.a. The Sticker Guy, celebrated 15 years with the first Debauch-A-Reno in 2008 and five years later will celebrate the big two-oh with three times the madness — three days of garage punk raunchiness on multiple stages in multiple venues with DJs and special surprise guests.

The Sonics are reunited, as are The Gories and The Sloths, with Bay Area support from Shannon and the Clams, Audacity (Burger Records is local, so whatever), Bad Coyotes, Pleasure Gallows, and DJs Jello Biafra, Russel Quan (from The Mummies and current Teenage Dance Craze DJ), and Dulcinea (from Midnight Snaxxx). Also on the Bill are Demon’s Claws, Nü Sensae, Acid Baby Jesus, and metric shit tons more. Check out the full lineup here, although mums the word re: Mysterious Guests.

Last time around a rumor was started that after the event at around 4am, once everyone stumbled home drunk, “those guys from the Bay Area wrapped in filthy rags” sauntered in and destroyed the back bar stage, suggesting the The Mummies were one of the special guests. This is the funny part: a video was posted of Pete and friends in Halloween costumes and even though it had “OCT 2000” all over the video (The Mummies hadn’t even played since the 90s at that point), people still believed it.

Alas, it was just a rumor. Emotions were toyed with. Folks got played. They got over it.

However, this year Russel Quan is DJing so who knows?