Magic Flight

Oakland’s Magic Fight just released the single “Fangs” from their forthcoming debut album entitled Wooden Swords & Stolen Echoes. The band began as a recording project for lead singer, ukelele player, and Florida native Alex Christopher Haager, who describes the band as “four guitar players playing anything but guitars.” “Fangs” is a pop song at heart, but its big bass, sweeping harmonies that surprise you right away, and just a hint of a dark side make the track stand out. Magic Fight will be at Brick & Mortar along with The Disposition and the The Lawlands March 14, and they are recording a Daytrotter Session Friday, March 8. Stream and download “Fangs”, and get details on Magic Fight’s gig at Brick & Mortar, below.

The Lawlands, The Disposition, Magic Fight
Brick & Mortar Music Hall
March 14, 2013
9pm, $5–8