Hide your kids, hide your wives…Gaytheist is coming to San Francisco.

With a name that encapsulates everything that scares conservatives about the Bay Area, it’s a wonder they’re not more well-known around here. Don’t let the bow tie and wire-frame glasses fool you: hailing from Portland (another den of West coast sin), Gaytheist are, by all Internetical accounts, amazingly fun and punishingly loud. And also, for a bunch of deviants, pretty thoughtful, funny guys. They’ll fit right in.

Gaytheist will be at Hemlock Tavern on March 15th with Tartufi and Tigon. We bet this one’ll be a rager.

In the meantime, you can blow out your laptop speakers with “Post Apocalyptic Lawsuit” below.

Tartufi, Gaytheist, Tigon
Hemlock Tavern
March 15, 2013
9:30pm, $8