A Million Billion Dying Suns

Nate Mercerau’s solo project A Million Billion Dying Suns just released a third video from the forthcoming Brillgnar LP. Like the videos for “Brillgnar” and “Woke Up Floating”, “Journey To The Center Of Your Life Pt. II” is a trippy lyric video created by Mercereau, and just like those other two tracks, the song has an enormous sound, and I still smiled every time the lyric “Ahhhhhhhh” came on my screen.

Mercereau will be in Austin for South by Southwest, performing at least one AMBDS set along with a handful of The Park gigs with Myron and E (and others). AMBDS doesn’t have any local shows booked at the moment, but Mercereau definitely has some gnarly local gigs in the works. I’d recommend following AMBDS on Facebook for the lowdown. Mercereau is releasing Brillgnar tracks one-by-one – you can download everything he’s shared from the AMBDS SoundCloud page. A limited vinyl run along with a full digital release of Brillgnar is planned for later this year. Check out the video below.