John Vanderslice - "Diamond Dogs"

Via Stereogum: John Vanderslice is planning a huge new release, and he’s provided a first taste. One part of his new Dagger Beach project (currently more than fully funded on Kickstarter, with 13 days to go) is a full cover of David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs, including “Big Brother”, which is available for download now.

John Vanderslice – “Big Brother” (David Bowie cover)

The Diamond Beach cover will be paired with an LP of all-new songs, making Dagger Beach a unique and substantial release.

JV had this to say about the Diamond Dogs cover and the Dagger Beach project yesterday on Facebook:

I’m a Bowie obsessive and Diamond Dogs has always fascinated me. It’s often overlooked among fans and it’s very hard to place in his 70s output. I think it’s a drugged out masterpiece, an abandoned Orwellian concept album that has the most playing Bowie ever did on one of his records.

The best moments on this record are heartbreaking. I was not deferent to Bowie: I translated lyrics into German, chopped verses, moved bridges, changed chords, and otherwise ran roughshod over this beast.

I’m releasing it as an audiophile 200g vinyl pressing, limited to 500. It’s also bundled with my new album, Dagger Beach. Both are available for pre-order on my Kickstarter.