Coo Coo Birds

If there’s one thing Coo Coo Birds is serious about, it’s bringing the balls back to rock ‘n’ roll. “It’s gotta have attitude. It’s gotta have balls,” says drummer Ryan Zweng, over a cup of Maiden’s Ecstasy at Samovar Tea Lounge on Page. “Unless parents are afraid, we’re not pushing the envelope enough.”

Parents – their parents in particular – should be afraid of some of the things Coo Coo Birds have in store for the next few months: namely, an action-packed rock ’n’ roll road trip to South by Southwest, where they plan to slay Austin with guerilla bus shows out of the back of their esteemed mobile venue, the Psychedelic Party Bus. On the way there, they will perform various feats of derring-do, like attempting to be the first band to play on a moving bus over the Hoover Dam, jumping out of airplanes for no apparent reason, you get the idea. The trip will culminate in a recording session at the famed Ardent Studios in Memphis, where they plan to lay down tracks for their next record, Mexican Cowboys. Why Ardent? “A lot of albums (we love) were made there,” says Zweng, in a moment of rare sincerity. “The fact that we will be one step away from our heroes like that…” he trails off in awe.

However, bringing the balls back to rock ‘n’ roll comes with a price tag. That’s why they’re asking for fans to help fund the mayhem via an Indiegogo campaign, in exchange for things like exclusive downloads, band merch and personalized songs and performances. However, if you’re looking to pitch in, better move fast – the campaign closes at the stroke of midnight on March 17th.

Coo Coo Birds also have some typically wild performances planned for their return to San Francisco…stay tuned.

Check out their awesome appeal for donations below.