Noise Pop 2013 - The Thermals @ Rickshaw Stop 3/1/13 - photo by Jackie Andrews

Friday’s Noise Pop show at The Rickshaw did not disappoint. From the angular math rock of EV Kain to the Sunny, crystalline pop of The SHE’S, this lineup fell on many pleased ears.

EV Kain opened the evening with complicated time signatures and hypnotic drumming while guitarist Brian Belier and drummer Jon Sortland’s vocal harmonies completed the sound — a heavy reggae-Police vibe, with maybe a touch of AnCo-style psychedelia. The festival tended to name-drop Hella when referring to this band (bassist Jonathan Hischke was a member) but these guys won’t require such prefacing for long.

The SHE’S formed when the foursome were in the seventh grade and, remarkably, are still in high school. They channel the nostalgia of Josie and the Pussycats, Beach Boys, and 60s girl groups better than some musicians twice their age. Named for the acronym formed when you put their names together (Sami, Hannah, Eva, and Sinclair), The SHE’S have opened for Surfer Blood, Girls, and La Sera and continued the tradition of supporting heavy hitters at this show.

Dirty Ghosts’ Allyson Baker and Erin McDermott, donning a pair of super sick and complimentary Flying V and Explorer guitars, played their signature funk and new wave-infused rawk and covered Payolas’ “Eyes of a Stranger” which can be recognized from the very tripindicular Valley Girl soundtrack.

The Thermals played an incredibly energetic set to an equally, if not more so, charged crowd. Celebrating the ten-year anniversary of their More Parts Per Million LP, of which they selected heavily from, the trio tore through their set of scrappy and poppy emo-tinged punk while the audience pretty much lost their shit — an awesome and heartwarming sight and sound to behold. The band is anticipating the release of their sixth album in April, and Sup Pop has re-released their first three and long out of print LPs.

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