White Fence

Powerhouse Tim Presley of White Fence continues to impress musicians and listeners alike with his seemingly superhuman ability to churn out consistently brilliant songs at a rapid fire pace. After the high bar White Fence set in 2012, including Family Perfume, volumes 1 and 2, as well as his collaboration with like-minded garage rocker Ty Segall on Hair, Presley has released “Pink Gorilla”, his first White Fence single of 2013.

The fuzzy, scuzzy “Pink Gorilla”, which will appear on White Fence’s upcoming LP Cyclops Reap due in April 2013 via Castle Face, wiggles through Presley’s recognizable tripped-out paisley rock. The track plunges quickly into the ether of spaced-out psychedelic, with lots of distorted guitar noise and plenty of retro-centric riffs. White Fence continues to create the perfect, sought-after blend of classic psychedelic and new garage rock, pushing the boundaries of pleasurable weirdness – and it never gets old.