Legs have come a long way since their formation in early 2011 – the once duo band, consisting of Jeffrey Harland and Matt Bullimore, has expanded to include five members. Now two years later, the band is gearing up to release their debut LP Pass The Ringo in late April, with a record release party planned at the Night Light in Legs’ Oakland hometown.

Though the band is kicking off their first record at a small club, Legs’ sunny, cathedral-filling sound seems meant for a bigger stage. Mixing jangle pop with steadily played instrumentals and vocalist Amelia Adams’ darker, echoing vocals, Legs’ newest track “Two Colours” is best imagined played on an outdoor stage. The song is open and sunny while simultaneously reserving a sense of gentle melancholy – a unique mix of sounds that makes us all the more excited to hear the full length.

Legs, The Mantles, Disappearing People
The Night Light
Saturday, May 4th 2013
9pm, $TBA