100 Flowers

San Francisco archival label Superior Viaduct releases only well-aged music in the form of reissues and lost, never released albums. This month, the label will be reissuing two thirty-year-old albums: Martin Rev’s self titled solo debut, and 100 Flowers self-titled LP.

Originally released in 1983, 100 Flowers’ (previously known as the Urinals, and later known as the Urinals yet again) self-titled album floats happily somewhere between UK post-punk and jangle pop. With these sounds re-emerging in the current music scene, Superior Viaduct couldn’t have picked a better time to reissue this record.

Suicide synth master Martin Rev’s first solo album was revolutionary for 1980 – this type of dark electronic synth pop was highly experimental at the time, and remains relevant in today’s dream pop filled electronic scene. For fans of modern synth pop, Martin Rev is a history lesson; for fans of Suicide, the New York no wave scene, and early electronic music, this reissue is a must-hear.