Giraffage - 'Needs'

After releasing a handful of singles over the past few months, the latest release from Giraffage, the Needs mixtape, is finally available. The 23 year old multi-instrumentalist/producer has been perfecting his personal brand of Bay Area sample-based pop since 2011, and has since toured the world and played in support of genre key players like Matthew Dear.

Released via Alpha Pup Records, the Needs mixtape is a must-hear for anyone interested in the rapidly evolving dream pop genre. Giraffage seamlessly weaves layers of hip hop beats, vintage samples, and dreamy electronic pop on Needs, creating an album that is both emotive and party-worthy. Songs like “Thinking About You” and “All That Matters” evoke a melancholy intellect, while “Close 2 Me” presents Giraffage’s knack for sampling at its finest. Needs is nothing short of cutting-edge – a perfect record to kick off 2013 in the sort of way that Grimes kicked off 2012. Needless to say, if electronic pop music means anything to you, Needs is something you’ll, well, need. Did I mention this album is available for streaming and free download?