Bill Baird

Austin native and newly-minted Oakland resident Bill Baird is set to release is double vinyl LP Spring Break of the Soul on March 5, and he’s dropped a couple videos to give you a taste of what to expect. Currently pursuing his MFA in electronic music at Mills College, Baird’s musical journey began with Sound Team, which was signed to Capitol Records before breaking up in 2009, and he recently wrote an wonderful piece on his time with a major label with on Impose magazine.

I could describe Spring Break of the Soul (which you can preorder through Baird’s Pau Wau Records), but I think this video of the man himself in a fuzzy dolphin suit does a far better job than I ever could. The video’s funny and a little bit odd, but still poignant at the same time, just like Baird’s music. Do yourself a favor and watch it from start to finish.

Baird also released a video for the title track from Spring Break of the Soul, which employs the best use of ’80s special effects to create choreography I’ve seen in quite some time. Baird’s letting folks download the track for free, which you can do below the video.