The Hangar

The (extended) Bay Area is losing a musical landmark as Sacramento’s The Hangar will be closing in March 2013. The Hangar is a multi-track recording studio in a large converted warehouse space that was operated for 12 years as Enharmonik Studios. The studio, owned by producer/engineer John Baccigaluppi, was made available for lease in 1998, opening its doors to recording engineers and musicians. Now, The Hangar’s doors will close permanently, as the recording facility’s 23-year run comes to an end.

Baccigaluppi wrote in a blog post that he is bummed out about “losing the space in the broader sense,” and proud of “being able to keep…rates low and affordable so unsigned musicians could afford to make good records.”

According to Baccigaluppi, some of his favorite records that emerged from The Hangar include releases from artists such as Sea of Bees, Vetiver, Devendra Banhart, !!!, Au Revoir Simone, Sister Crayon, Little Wings, The Mother Hips, and many more. Kanye West, Ian MacKaye, and Chris Robinson even briefly passed through the legendary space as well.

One of the last albums recorded at The Hangar was the latest Little Wings record, appropriately titled LAST. Sea of Bees recorded “Willis” there for Luxury Wafers back in 2009. Watch the video below.

Baccigaluppi writes in his farewell, “We recording folks, we complain a lot. But the truth is that when you are in the room with an amazing artist that you’ve become good friends with and that magic starts to happen and you’re capturing a great song as it is coming into being and is immortalized into a recording that many people will hear, there is no better gig in the world.”

Despite leaving the storied studio, Baccigaluppi won’t be idle for long. He and Chris Woodhouse are constructing a new studio in the General Produce building, just a couple blocks away from The Hangar.