Warm Soda

We may be a few weeks passed the release of their debut LP Someone For You, and sure they’ve been playing a steady stream of shows around the Bay Area since then, but the four guys of Warm Soda are finally hosting an official record release party on Saturday, February 23rd at Night Light in Oakland. Like the band’s limited edition, translucent turquoise and rainbow-speckled vinyl (pictured above and unfortunately, sold out), its music is colored with a bit of everything – the important things, at least: sugary pop, fast-paced punk and filthy rock and roll all topped off with golden, glam sprinkles. Warm Soda tightened up its garage sound a couple notches for its first full-length album, just enough to showcase the production prowess of lead vocalist/guitarist Matthew Melton and guitarist Rob Good without overshadowing the band’s gritty energy, which is most palpable in a live setting. So come out to Oakland next Saturday to witness the band play one of its last Bay Area shows before departing for South By Southwest. Until then, watch the guys of Warm Soda lose it over a pretty girl in their playful new music video for “Busy Lizzy.”

Joining Warm Soda will be San Francisco’s Cocktails, a fuzz pop outfit that’s still riding the wave of its February 1st debut EP release show, and Oakland-based garage rock band Bad Vibes. Though these supporting acts are relatively fresh projects with one or less records to make up their catalogs, both bands have worked with Melton and Good’s Fuzz City Records, and were featured on the label’s first compilation, Summer Of Fuzz Volume 1. Head over to Fuzz City’s website to purchase the 2012 cassette, 7″s by local bands like Burnt Ones and Part Time, and, arguably the best Fuzz City product to date, the ridiculously simple yet undoubtedly clever “Warm Soda” coozie.

Warm Soda, Cocktails, Bad Vibes
Night Light
February 23, 2013