Chrome Canyon

Fire up the lasers, Chrome Canyon is coming to Mezzanine. New York synth artist Morgan Z – the man behind Chrome Canyon – will headline the electronic dance party on Friday, February 22 with support from local artists including Peanut Butter Wolf, Jonas Reinhardt, Shock, and Chautauqua.

Last year, Morgan released his first full-length album as Chrome Canyon, Elemental Themes, via Stones Throw Records. The solo composer produces spacey synth epics reminiscent of ’80s sci-fi soundtracks (think Gatekeeper, only less menacing), and Chrome Canyon’s live sets are also known for incorporating stellar light shows. Listen to “Generations” off Elemental Themes, below.

Peanut Butter Wolf, the DJ/producer alias of San Jose native Chris Manak, will support Chrome Canyon with a DJ set. Manak started the project in 1989 and also founded Stones Throw in 1996. Although Peanut Butter Wolf isn’t making as many hip-hop beats as he used to, he still DJs regularly.

Jonas Reinhardt is the experimental electronic project of San Francisco-based synth composer Jesse Reiner. After a few solo releases, Jonas Reinhardt eventually expanded into a full band, with Trans Am‘s Phil Manley on guitars, Mi Ami‘s Damon Palermo on drums, and Citay‘s Diego Gonzalez on bass. Reinhardt’s latest LP, Music For The Tactile Dome, is out on Not Not Fun. Stream the title track below.

Shock is the Bay Area dance pop project of Dan Judd, Terri Loewenthal, and Michael Taras. The trio released a 12-inch record of their outstanding single “Heaven” last year (stream it below). The act’s cosmic dance-club vibes have been seen at Push The Feeling and continue to spread across the local electronic scene.

Chautauqua, another Push The Feeling favorite, will provide the opening DJ set. Chautauqua is the Giallo-inspired electro project of synth duo Daze Luzius and Randy Ellis, co-founder of San Francisco label Voltaire Records, which is co-presenting the show alongside Stones Throw. Listen to their track “Suspended Animation” below.

It all goes down this Friday, February 22 at Mezzanine in San Francisco. Did I mention lasers? Get full details below.

Chrome Canyon, Peanut Butter Wolf (DJ), Jonas Reinhardt, Shock, Chautauqua (DJ)
February 22, 2013
9pm, $13-15