Young Prisms

San Francisco’s shoegazing dream pop outfit Young Prisms gives us something real to dream about with their new music video for “Runner.” One of the more buoyant tracks off of the band’s 2012 sophomore album, In Between, the song is accompanied by a video that celebrates the self-ruling spirit of being young. In between flashes of a dough-eyed little boy and a worn old man, the bulk of the video is composed of wonderful displays of freedom: driving aimlessly, hopping fences, falling into bed, breaking stuff just to break stuff, racing shopping carts in empty parking lots, inhaling the scent of an orange – not extravagant adventures but elementary things, small reminders that we are alive.

Though at its center is the idea of experiencing the present, of being, if you will, in that in between phase of life when you’re not a child and not exactly an adult, when life and possibilities seem infinite, the video acknowledges the fleeting nature of this stage with multiple sideways glances, blank stares and the silent presence of the lonely old man whose gold wedding band enhances the grasp of our mortality. The tone is wistful and dreamy without ignoring reality – the reality that nothing lasts and everything is temporary. Rather than offering the often depressing notion of “this too shall pass,” “The Runner” music video applies another age-old message: seize the day!