Casually born out of a ramshackle San Francisco State dorm room in 2011, Sheepeaters are now a fully-formed unit primed to make a splash on the local indie pop scene. The band first began to take shape when college roommates Taylor Giffin (drums) and Ty Lyman (bass) befriended guitarist Joe Raedeker on the SFSU campus. After adding second guitarist Joey Buttitta to the fold a couple weeks after its first show, the four-piece began to solidify its slightly off-kilter take on surf-tinged indie rock, pulling from a range of influences it refers to somewhat tongue-in-cheek as “falling somewhere between The Beatles and Mobb Deep instrumentals.”

Sheepeaters have only recorded and released a couple of demos via its Bandcamp page thus far, but both are impressively fleshed-out and catchy as hell. In particular, the bouncy “GMO” drifts by with Islands-esque breeziness and chiming Tropicália-inspired guitars that whet the appetite as to what these guys could do over the course of a full, proper release. Here’s hoping we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

Listen to “GMO”, and get details on Sheepeaters’ gig with French Cassettes and Black Cobra Vipers at Bottom of the Hill tonight, below.

French Cassettes, Black Cobra Vipers, Sheepeaters
Bottom of the Hill
February 15, 2013
9:30pm, $10
All Ages