Thee Oh Sees get heavy with new LP

John Dwyer just doesn’t stop. This guy drinks reverb, eats guitar strings and probably sleeps in a sweat-soaked, instrument strewn garage. One of San Francisco’s most restless musicians, he’s fronted several different projects over the last two decades, including the now defunct Coachwhips and Pink and Brown, but for the last few years, Dwyer has bestowed his undivided attention unto his main squeeze — the scuzzy, fuzzy garage-psych-punk outfit Thee Oh Sees.

The band has released at least one album a year for the past nine years, and will follow suit this year with its twelfth studio album and fourth LP in two years, Floating Coffin. Following up last year’s critically acclaimed record Putrifiers II, the album will be out on April 16, 2013 via Castle Face Records, and according to Dwyer, it will offer a much heavier and more sinister sound than Thee Oh Sees previous releases.

“These songs occur in the mindset of a world that’s perpetually war-ridden,” explains Dwyer. “Overall, it’s pretty dark, and much heavier than our other albums.”

Thee Oh Sees recently premiered the album’s closing track “Minotaur,” a saucy number with bass and strings at the helm instead of guitars. Its much more slinky and less jangly than what we’re used to from the band, though, never getting the same sound is exactly what we should expect from Thee Oh Sees. They always deliver, maybe not what you ordered, but something you’ll gladly eat right up. Listen to the new song below.

Thee Oh Sees – “Minotaur”