Remote View

The Lab is launching a monthly, three-part series called Remote View, playing host to real time experiments in performance and sound, and the inaugural event will take place this Friday, February 15. This week’s audio-visual showcase will feature music from Painted Caves, Austin Cesear, Its Own Infinite Flower, and projections from Paul Clipson. DJ Konrad from NO UFOs was recently announced as the surprise guest DJ for the event. RSVP on Facebook for updates.

Friday will not be the first time that Painted Caves have collaborated with video artist Paul Clipson at The Lab. Watch video footage from a dark performance at the venue in August 2012, below.

The second installment of Remote View will take place on March 9, featuring Vallens, Ensemble Enconomique, and San Francisco’s Kwjaz. The third and final night of the three-part event will conclude with a special performance from Barn Owl on April 5.

The “live aural trilogy” is an exercise in sonic curation in widescreen developed by Evan Caminiti (Barn Owl), Jon Porras (Vallens), Sky Madden (Chasms) and Lisa McGee (Higuma). The four Bay Area musicians came together to start a unique project over a shared love of performance, visual stimulus, and amplification.

The Lab is an alternative art and music space in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District, offering a community based venue for members of drone, experimental, and industrial bands to share their music and art. This alternative environment introduces local audiences to sensory experiences that aren’t found at your typical indie rock show or dance club.

Painted Caves, Austin Cesear, Its Own Infinite Flower
The Lab
February 15, 2013
9pm, $6-10