Giggle Party

We first covered Giggle Party last month, giving you the scoop on the SF-via-Dallas outfit’s latest EP, This City Smells Like Piss. Although I’d argue that only certain neighborhoods in our fair city smell like urine (hey nothing’s perfect, right?), that’s beside the point – Giggle Party brings an infectious brand of “spazzy punk/pop” that is a notable addition to the Bay Area scene, and they keep pumping out quality releases, one after the other.

Now, the band is back with a ridiculously awesome (and undeniably danceable) cover of the Pixies’ “Debaser”, the opening track off the legendary indie act’s sophomore album, 1989’s Doolittle. What makes the cover (beyond the racing guitars and synths) is the combination of male and female voices, à la Black Francis and Kim Deal on the original; the song wouldn’t have been complete without that interplay, and these Texas ex-pats deliver in stellar fashion. Listen to Giggle Party’s take on “Debaser” below, and if you’re unfamiliar with the original, check it out here (and you’ll want to ask yourself why you’re unfamiliar with the Pixies – that’s a major problem).

Giggle Party plays a free (yes, FREE) gig tonight at Brick and Mortar with Turtle Rising and Guitar Wizards of the Future. You can grab copies of their cover of “Debaser”, This City Smells Like Piss, and the rest of the band’s catalog over on Bandcamp.

Giggle Party, Turtle Rising, Guitar Wizards of the Future
Brick and Mortar Music Hall
February 13, 2013
9pm, FREE