The Warlocks

Three decades of psychedelic sounds are coming together on February 16th in the intimate setting of Brick & Mortar. There will be an excess of shuddering guitars, reverberating vocals and distorted feedback to make for an evening that no psychedelic music fan should miss. Los Angeles-based rock and roll band The Warlocks are headlining the night and serving the crowd the same neo-psychedelic cocktails of shoegazey, experimental rock music that they’ve been crafting since 1999. Though the band’s lineup began as a revolving cast of musicians, The Warlocks solidified as a five-piece outfit composed of lead vocalist and guitarist Bobby Hecksher, guitarist John Christian Rees, bassist Christopher DePino, guitarist Earl Vincent Miller and drummer George Serrano. The band often features other musicians, perhaps another drummer or guitarist, during live shows to add more textures to its already impenetrable wall of sound. Throughout the 2000s and into the 2010s, as computers and machines exponentially make-up the face of modern music, The Warlocks continues to offer rock and roll rooted in the underground psychedelic scene of the 1960s.

Also on the lineup is LSD & the Search for God, a San Francisco-based band that leaves little to the imagination when its come to its drug of choice. The band’s music, however, is filled with mystery-whispered vocals and reverbed guitars that are as disorienting as they are mind-altering and, somehow, shaped to fit a very distinctive pop skeletal structure. Formed in 2005 with dual female/male vocalists at the helm, LSD & the Search for God owns a dreamy pop sound colored with alternative shoegaze elements.

Rounding out the night is San Francisco’s own Cellar Doors, a garage psych band that has been crafting music in the same vein as The Warlocks since 2010, though with their own modern rock twist. Soaked in reverb, the band’s sound has all the humming guitars and echoed vocals needed to hypnotize a new generation of listeners and help carry the underground psych scene into this decade, but at the forefront of their music are post punk flavored guitar riffs that lend an edge to the Cellar Doors’ sonic fluidity.

Acting as an ambassador from the 1990s wave of neo-psychedelia, Joel Gion of The Brian Jonestown Massacre is joining these bands from behind turntables to keep the kaleidoscopic vibes going between sets. He may play a seemingly secondary instrument in his band (he rocks the tambourine), but there’s a reason he’s referred to as the Spokesman of the Revolution. The Brian Jonestown Massacre wouldn’t be the same psychotic psychedelic band without him, so much so that the group’s founding member and lead vocalist Matt Hollywood has dubbed him their “minister of propaganda,” a constant inspiration to keep creating cool things.

The Warlocks, LSD & the Search for God, Cellar Doors, DJ Joel Gion
Brick & Mortar
February 16, 2013
9pm, $10