Kacey Johansing

Kacey Johansing makes lovely music. The San Francisco-based singer-songwriter, who’s played with fellow Bay Area acts Geographer and Yesway, has a voice like velvet and creates moody, meandering melodies. So it’s not surprising that MTV Hive caught wind of the songstress and premiered her latest single “Pinecone.” The track is a taste of her forthcoming new album, Grand Ghosts (tracklist below), out February 26th. MTV Hive also got to the bottom of the new song’s inspiration, born in the midst of a tour with Graves and the Range of Light, while camping in Northern CA’s High Sierras:

After taking mushrooms one day, they found themselves in a giant meadow, where they constructed a tiny shelter out of dead branches and Mexican blankets. ‘I happened to have some embroidery thread so we made dream catchers and decorated the fort with pinecones, old rusty cans, flowers, feathers and other treasures we had found,’ Johansing recalls. ‘The pinecones would blow in the wind, sort of like very quiet wind chimes. I remember watching one of my friends as he began writing a song. I could barely hear him but I could kind of read his lips, ‘build me in your pinecone.’ I held on to that moment and began writing my own song.’

That explains it. Listen to the ethereal track below.

She also released another song off the impending Grand Ghosts, “Honey.” The mp3 is available for download here!

Johansing is playing Noise Pop 2013, so if you dig her wandering acoustic pop you’re in luck. She’ll open for Thao & The Get Down Stay down on March 2nd.

Kacey Johansing - Grant Ghosts

Grand Ghosts tracklist:

Grand Ghosts
Disappearing Act
Into View
Only the Heart
Light in the Dark
Out to Sea

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside, Kacey Johansing
The Great American Music Hall (Noise Pop 2013)
March 2, 2013
8pm, $17/advance, $19/door