The Mallard

Last Saturday The Mallard put on their most impressive show to date. With a recent change in lineup, the blond is gone and Dylan is now full time on guitar. The dueling guitar work is sublime. There are Marquee Moon moments rarely heard in live music these days. Dylan and Greer intertwine notes in the best possible way.

The Mallard

Although these photos are from last weeks free event at New Parish, the Hemlock show was far superior. The Hemlock’s cozy quarters allowed the drums to permeate your every cell. The volume was notched up to just below ear bleed and the band was simply on fire. Greer seems to be increasingly channeling Ian Curtis. It’s a wise move. She is yet more mesmerizing to watch and it would seem her chances at stardom more secure. I finally picked up a copy of the debut record, on John Dwyer’s Castle Face Records. Once I figured out it spins at 45 rpm, I was swept away. The early Pink Floyd connections are right there in your face, plus I am once again reminded of the late great UK band Kaito, and I am severely grateful. If you don’t buy anything else today, buy YES ON BLOOD like now man!

The Mallard

As SXSW rapidly approaches (only 30something more shopping days left!), show listings are starting to pop up everywhere and The Mallard will be playing no less than 5 times, including a Psychedelic Pig Roast at 911 House and Temporary Insanity party at Cherrywood Coffeehouse with Guantanamo Baywatch! Holy fuck!

dan and letha melchior

North Carolina based Dan Melchior rocked the house with a bluesy delta fried show. Simple rhythms and lyrics to match. Dan is currently raising money for his wife Letha who is fighting cancer, so buy some of his excellent recordings here and donate to the cause here!

Wounded Lion

LA’s Wounded Lion closed out the evening. With one guitarist perched on his amp, the band exploded into a short but powerful set. These guys know how to infuse every song with the proper energy. It helps that they have a dedicated co-singer/percussionist. There is a sense of humor in the songs, but the band is pretty serious about rocking out. This photo is from back in May at the Stork Club. He was sportin’ a Fungi Girls shirt that evening. No doubt there will be some Fungi Girls opportunities at SXSW this year! Get yo-self ready!