Going to Rockage2.0? Of course you are. (You are, right?). While it’s mostly a celebration of video-game-geekery in all its glory, Rockage also serves as a sneaky way to introduce those who came to game to some badass local bands as well. If you’re heading down south next weekend, here are the Bay Area bands you need to see.

FRIDAY, 2/8/13

Curious Quail, San Jose: Personally, we can’t think of a more appropriate band to play such an event. Curious Quail build their sound off of a dreamy foundation of bleeps, bloops and other electronic noises. They’ll be appearing as part of the Make a Scene San Jose showcase at 8:30.

Cartoon Bar Fight, San Jose: We’ve already introduced you to Cartoon Bar Fight, San Jose’s spooky siren-song troubadours. Also part of the Make a Scene showcase, they’ll be bringing their mysterious gloom to the stage at 9:10. They’ll also be in charge of the N64 arcade, should you wanna throw down with the band.

San Francesca, San Jose: San Francesca are another appropriately dystopian band for an event that celebrates digital other worlds. Full of distant echoes and distortion to spare, San Francesca always offer an entrancing live show. See them directly after Cartoon Bar Fight at 9:50.

SATURDAY, 2/9/13

GNARBOOTS, San Jose: “Unmissable chaos” reads the press release in regards to San Jose’s GNARBOOTS. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. GNARBOOTS is the band that brought us this can’t-not-go-viral gem, and they’ll be bringing the weird at 5:10. Check out this collab with Minibosses, also appearing at Rockage on Saturday, below.

    SUNDAY, 2/10/13

    Dog Party, Sacramento: Here at The Bay Bridged, we’ve been known to embrace our neighbors to the east, so for the purposes of this list, we’re counting Sacramento in. Dog Party, made up of teenage sisters Gwen and Lucy Giles, are a thrilling blast of party rock that’s meant to be played live. Catch them bright and early Sunday at 1:40.

    Honorable mentions: Matthew Joseph Payne (Oakland), Good Hustle (San Jose), Crashfaster (San Francisco), The Albert Square (San Jose).