Michael Benjamin Lerner, better known as Seattle-based Telekinesis, recorded his latest album in two weeks. Two weeks may seem like a small amount of time to record a (good) third album, but Dormarion was no rushed venture. Lerner spent the better part of last year writing songs for the album, which drops April 2 on Merge Records. The two week recording process was assisted by Spoon drummer Jim Eno in his Austin, Texas studio.

The single “Ghosts and Creatures” rides a catchy synth wave, layered with dreamy vocals, and you can hear it below. Telekinesis plans to hit the road this spring, with dates all across the country, and some notable musicians will be playing with Lerner on tour (like Rebecca Cole of Minders and Wild Flag, and Erik Walters of the Globes, to name a couple).

Telekinesis, Paparazzi
Bottom of the Hill
April 24, 2013
9pm, $10