Ty Segall

Like many of our favorite local rockers, Ty Segall has managed to smoothly bridge the gap between being a hometown hero and an international rising star, part laid-back dude, part far-out psychedelic brilliance. The video for “Thank God For the Sinners”, a ballad with garage rock veins from his third and final release of 2012, Twins, is no exception to his ability to awe listeners.

With a cabaret style made-up face that appears to be tinged with splats of black engine oil, Segall emerges from what can only be described as a mob of swarming human bodies. The video isn’t quite NSFW, but it certainly is highly sexual, creepy, and tastefully disgusting. Most of Segall’s videos (though there are few) are somehow both funny and artfully haunting. The ending of “Thank God for the Sinners” fits the bill, and while I could come up with a bunch of metaphorical attributions to slap on the video relating to Segall’s rise in fame over the past year and a half, I’ll let you watch and be the judge. Spoiler alert: if you’re not a fan of flesh and blood, proceed with caution.