The Spyrals

San Francisco is brimming with psychedelic music of all flavors, but The Spyrals has managed to rise above the hazy cloud of garage-psych resting on this city’s landscape as one of the premiere rock and roll bands. A handful of records later, including two EPs and an eponymous debut album, the band has honed a raw sound that is both dizzying and entirely danceable at the same time, not to mention created with a stripped down instrument repertoire of drums, a bass and a guitar. The three-piece outfit has finished recording its second LP, due to be released in late spring on Mock Records, and is kicking off 2013 with a string of local shows that includes a headlining set on February 7th at Thee Parkside with a cast of like-minded musicians.

Joining The Spyrals will be San Diego’s Wild Wild Wets, a loud garage rock band whose psychedelic overtones come to the forefront of its music during live sets, when a projection artist drenches the entire stage with liquid-like patterns. Thee Parkside is the second stop, and the first of three consecutive Bay Area shows, on Wild Wild Wets’ week long tour of the California coast with fellow San Diego-based band Barbarian, a fuzzed out surf pop outfit that incorporates elements of post punk and, you guessed it, psychedelia into its garage sound. Kicking the night off will be the Oakland-based project Midnight Palms. The band may have reconstructed its lineup, written an all new song catalog and changed its name, but it offers the same brand of psychedelic garage music it made while known as Nectarine Pie.

When asked about the rock music pouring out of California today, The Spyrals’ lead vocalist an guitarist Jeff Lewis explains:

There are so many bands in the Bay Area and Southern California that are making great music right now it’s hard to keep up with it. What’s exciting is that there are always good bands to find and play shows with.

On The Spyrals’ Southern California peers, Jeff describes Wild Wild Wets as having “a sound that’s all their own. No one else around here sounds like them so it’s fun to play with a band like that. I think our bands share some influences but not to the point of sounding too similar so that makes for an exciting lineup for a show.”

Thee Parkside hosts some of the best psychedelic shows in San Francisco, and the venue’s February 7th lineup will make for the most reverbed-soaked event of the night. “Thee Parkside is a unique venue in the city. I think playing there can feel more like a big party than a typical venue,” describes Jeff, “It’s nice to have a big outside area to mingle in.” Come mingle with The Spyrals as it continues to bridge the sounds of 1960s San Francisco with neo-psychedelic modern rock!

The Spyrals, Wild Wild Wets, Barbarian, Midnight Palms
Thee Parkside
February 7th, 2013
9:00pm, $7