XXYYXX, Teen Daze

Get ready for a night of funky dance grooves from two stellar electronic musicians. XXYYXX and Teen Daze will be at DNA Lounge on Thursday, February 28th as part of the pair’s Winter Tour 2013. Noise Pop and DJ Dials will present the show, which features a live performance from XXYYXX and a DJ set from Teen Daze, who hail from Orlando and Vancouver, respectively.

XXYYXX is the stage name of 17-year-old producer Marcel Everett. Everett launched the project in June 2011, before releasing his eponymous debut last year. His bass-heavy, sample-based brand of bedroom pop is emotional and vivid, blending elements of different styles of pop music to synthesize full-bodied, often meditative dance floor jams. Listen to a couple XXYYXX tracks (“About You” and “Lonely Sometimes”) below via SoundCloud.

Teen Daze, the one-man electronic project of British Columbia’s Jamison, will get Thursday night’s all ages crowd dancing with one of his world class DJ sets. Late last year, Teen Daze released a new LP called The Inner Mansions on Lefse Records. You can order the record here. Listen to the Teen Daze remix of “Even Though”, a collaboration between XXYYXX and Giraffage.

XXYYXX, Teen Daze (DJ), DJ Dials
DNA Lounge
February 28, 2013
9pm–2am, $17.50–$20