Guitar Wizards of the Future

Oakland’s Guitar Wizards of the Future are a band that absolutely won’t be be defined by ANY genre. You’ll hear elements of hip-hop, funk, country, R&B, electronica and just about anything else over the course of their recordings. Formed by Coty McClung and Ryan Kauffman, the Guitar Wizards intentionally hit as many genres as they can. “I have a short attention span, so I could never stick to one style,” explains McClung. “There’s too many awesome styles of music out there. Any constraints on form seem like a bad idea.”

Legendary genre-hopping duo Ween was also a big influence: “A lot of people said our first album sounded like Ween, so I went out and bought Chocolate and Cheese and Pure Guava, and fell in love,” says McClung. “Then I felt validated to just go crazy. The album Cheese Wizards is a blatant attempt to hit on as many genres as possible. It’s kind of a shout out to Dean and Gene, which was what we were listening to a lot of the time while recording.”

The Guitar Wizards are joined by Nelson Rogers and Zach Reitman for their live shows, and it just so happens they are performing this Thursday evening at Eli’s Mile High Club in Oakland along with The Parmesans. Check out a couple of the extremes that the Guitar Wizards can hit below, first with the wonderfully absurd hip hop-inspired “There’s a Monster (under the bed)”, and then with the slightly more serious yet laid back folk song “Skyscraper”. Both tracks are on their second album Cheese Wizards, which you can download for free from their Bandcamp page.

The Parmesans, Guitar Wizards of the Future, Snowblind Traveler, Midnight Parade
Eli’s Mile High Club
January 24, 2012
6:30pm, $7