RX Nightly

I’m not sure exactly what San Francisco’s Rx Nightly sounded like before they released their Radians and Aliens EP last month, but apparently they needed to make a change. Member Cory Rogers tells me the band had some “bad habits” that led to him switching from playing bass to manning four synths, while former guitarist Josh Krivoshein took over bass duties. Radians and Aliens is a collection of high-energy, danceable synthrock that makes me think their changes were a success. Give a listen to the track “Somniloquist” below and decide for yourself. Rx Nightly will perform January 22nd at the Hemlock with locals Collective W and Animal Super Species from Santa Cruz.

Collective W, Rx Nightly, Animal Super Species
Hemlock Tavern
January 22, 2013
9pm, $6