Man, if anyone had it coming more than The Beach Boys, it’s the hipsters.

Local folk rock outfit Foolproof Four posted this video spoofing The Beach Boys’ “Surfer Girl” last year, changing the lyrics and the title to “Hipster Girl”, and it’s too good not to share. The song is really well done, and the video is all kinds of amazing. Watch as frontman Noah Grant transforms himself into the stereotypical Mission Hipster – complete with fixie and copy of Infinite Jest – to woo a girl at the coffee shop. Awesome.

According to Grant, the band directed the video themselves, with the help of a couple of friends. “But why?” you might be asking.

The impetus behind “Hipster Girl” was sorta two-fold: First, we wanted to poke some fun at the hipster culture around us… We used this idea as a little test. Most non-hipsters would look at this video and say, “Ha! They’re making fun of hipsters!” But a lot of hipsters who don’t think they’re hipsters (after all, most San Francisco residents are at least partly hipster, ourselves certainly included) might also look at the video and say, “Ha! They’re making fun of hipsters!” We thought it would be really interesting to see how the self-aware hipsters would react to the video. Maybe they’d think it’s stupid. The second reason we recorded the song/made the video was because we thought it’d be hilarious.

Want to catch Foolproof Four live? It’s easy, just go for a walk. And hope you get lucky. Here’s Noah Grant again to explain:

Most of the shows we do these days are these “pop-up shows” where we pull around our gear in a radio flyer wagon and set up on the sidewalk, completely electric (we rigged up a marine battery/inverter to do it). It’s kinda like a food truck, but a “music wagon.” We set up a li’l web app for people to document sightings, if you will:

For those somehow not familiar with the source material, check out The Beach Boys’ “Surfer Girl” (from their 1963 album by the same name) after the jump.