Fine Steps

Beyond the Bay Area: A Sacramento Mixtape (Podcast #297)

It’s not technically part of the Bay Area — and by “technically,” of course, we mean “at all” — but we’ve been known to cheat a little bit and claim a good number of Sacramento bands as adopted locals over the years. Can you really blame us? Plenty of acts from the state’s capital have made an big impact on independent music, including Death Grips, Chelsea Wolfe, and Trash Talk. All three of those groups eventually migrated to Los Angeles, with Death Grips leaking their latest album during a two-month stay at Hollywood’s infamous Chateau Marmont, but plenty of great bands still call Sacramento home.

This mix collects 14 of those performers, showing that Sacto talent comes in a variety of genres and sounds. On the rock side, there’s the stellar jangle of Fine Steps and English Singles, G. Green‘s fuzzy bursts, and Solos‘ singer-songwriter-meets-prog charm. But this mix also features a strong number of electronic pop bands, from new highlight DOOMbird to long-time favorites like Pregnant and Sister Crayon. It also won’t be surprising that we’ve included several terrific bands we’ve hosted at past Bay Bridged events, like Sea of Bees, Raleigh Moncrief, and Appetite.

Enjoy the mix!

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Fine Steps – “Tomorrow for All of Today”
Solos – “All My Tribulations”
DOOMbird – “An Die”
Raleigh Moncrief – “Beyond The Neon Lights”
Baby Grand – “My Song 15” (Note: several members of Baby Grand are now in Arts & Leisure)
Sea of Bees – “Gone”
Sister Crayon – “Cynic”
Pregnant – “Letter To A Friend”
English Singles – “Finer Points”
G. Green – “Our Boss”
Charles Albright – “I Am The Counter Culture (Drop Out)”
Wreck and Reference – “Spectrum”
E S S – “Woke at Night”
Appetite – “Tussy”