The East Bay trio known as Pale Blue Dot does not necessarily self-identify as a “supergroup,” but I went there anyway. Comprised of members of James & Evander, The Aimless Never Miss, and B. Hamilton, what else would you call it?

“There may be a few Bay Area music nerds who know our other bands, but we’d hardly call it a supergroup,” says Adam Myatt, also of James & Evander. “We’re three somewhat-like-minded musicians/friends from Oakland, who met playing shows in various bands together, and like to think of this current project as Carl Sagan-inspired disco.”

You read that right, folks: “Carl Sagan-inspired disco.” So now would probably be a good time to hit you with Pale Blue Dot’s first track. Here’s “Voyage”, which does indeed ride a disco-ish beat, but there’s so much more here to like – crystalline guitar lines, spacey synths (hence the Carl Sagan, I’m guessing), and a grooving, bouncy bass line.

So is this is a full-fledged new project for the trio, or is it more of a one-off?

“We’ll be releasing an EP via before the end of the month and have two other four-song EPs in the works,” says Myatt. “We’re hoping people are drawn into our groovitational pull, and want us to come play in places outside of the Bay Area, but have no plans thus far.”

You can catch Pale Blue Dot tonight at The New Parish in Oakland opening for L.A.-based post-rock heroes El Ten Eleven – and then you can tell me if this group is super or not.

El Ten Eleven, White Arrows, Pale Blue Dot
The New Parish
January 11, 2013
9pm, $10