Chamber metal outfit Grayceon is set to release its new album, Pearl and the End of Days, on February 12th via Flenser Records, and the first taste has surfaced on This is more than a mere sneak peek of the album, however, given that it’s a full track from a 30-minute album that consists of just two epic tracks. Head on over and listen to “Pearl” in its entirety.

“We wrote this song when I was pregnant with my daughter, Pearl, who is now just over a year old, but the lyrics came after she was born,” Grayceon’s cellist/vocalist Jackie Perez-Gratz told Alarm. “It’s about fear and excitement of the unknown, unconditional love, and sound waves having all the power.”

If “Pearl” is any indication, Grayceon are in fine form on the new album. Over the course of three full-length records, the band has continually explored intriguing sonic territory, and Pearl and the End of Days does not seem to be an exception, at least based on this first listen. While the most obvious reference point for Grayceon’s music is probably doom metal, there are definitely hints of a wide range of genres, from hardcore and thrash to post-metal and more experimental, ambient music. And while the band’s unique instrumentation—just cello, guitar, drums, and vocals—gives them a distinct sound, metal purists will find plenty to like: guitarist Max Doyle lays down some absolutely killer riffs, and drummer Zach Farwell’s double bass is a thing of mighty splendor.

Case in point, here’s a video of Doyle tracking some doubled-up guitar parts for the almost Middle Eastern sounding riff that comes in at the end of “Pearl”:

You can pre-order Pearl and the End of Days here.