christopher owens - lysandre

After months of anticipation following the dissolution of Girls last year, the band’s former frontman Christopher Owens will finally drop his solo debut Lysandre next Tuesday on Fat Possum Records, and this budding icon of the City’s music scene is giving his fans a sneak preview, streaming the record in full in conjunction with a New York Times profile published yesterday.

Amid discussion of the effects of his upbringing in the Children of God cult, his punk past in Amarillo, Texas, his relationship with eccentric millionaire septuagenarian (and accused sexual predator) Stanley Marsh 3, and past drug use, Owens revealed that the new album charts “the course of Girls’ first tour and a love affair with a Frenchwoman named Lysandre.” He told the Times, “I want to be somebody who writes about his life, at his own pace and who can decide to make an album like this when he wants to.”

What he means by “an album like this” is that Lysandre is a drastic departure from Girls’ sound, incorporating vastly different instrumentation (all performed by Owens himself) into a sound that is way more pop than rock. The record leaves Little doubt as to the artist’s intentions to move on, distancing himself from his past project, even if he claims “nobody hated each other or anything like that” and that success just “happened a little too fast.”

Head over to the Times’ website to check out the full profile and listen to Lysandre in its entirety. Fat Possum’s homepage seems to be experiencing some issues, but the record is available for pre-order from Turnstile Records, which is distributing it outside of the States.