Lonesome Leash

As someone who dabbles in the accordionistic arts (by the way, did I mention how cool I am?), I may get a little testy with you if you suggest to me that accordions are nothing but loud, obnoxious noise machines. I mean, they can be, if that’s what you’re going for, but accordions are far more versatile instruments than people give them credit for.

Walt McClements, known for his participation in such projects as Dark Dark Dark and Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship?, seems like a man who understands this. Under the name Lonesome Leash, McClements takes the oft-misaligned accordion all the places it deserves to go. Doused with minor-key moodiness and mysterious analog sounds, Lonesome Leash’s debut work sounds a lot like McClements’ previous folk-minded ventures, but dials up the dark. Catch him at Viracocha on Saturday, January 19th to see for yourself what kind of mysterious sounds he can coax out of his loud, obnoxious noise machine. Listen to “Ghosts,” the debut single from his new record, I Am No Captain, below. You can also download it for free here.

Lonesome Leash, Emily Jane White, Michael Musika
January 19, 2013