Burnt Ones - Rock Make Street Festival 2012

This is a tough one, as there’s so many great bay area bands these days and I have time and love invested in quite a few of them, but I keep coming back to Burnt Ones…full disclosure, they’re all friends of mine, Mark Tester and I work together at Pirates, and Castle Face is hoping to put out a Burnt Ones record in 2013…so it’s a close knit recommendation here, but a worthwhile one. Though I had bought their record Black Teeth & Golden Tongues at Amoeba based on the cover and little else in 2011, I didn’t really get the full gist of these guys until we booked a tour together this spring. Adam from Blasted Canyons was way into them, so Mark and I tag-teamed the shows on the way out to SXSW, and like magic the tour came together in like a week, and after the first show with them I was hooked. At first glance they’ve got a Marc Bolan crush, it’s true, but there’s a lot more to them than the fantastic jammers “Wanna Listen to T Rex All Night Long” and “Bury Me In Smoke”…theirs is a sleazy, tremolo’d love song dusted in glitter, yes, but the more jams I’ve heard from them, the more it’s obvious that there’s a songwriting wizard behind those curtains of fuzz. The song that the gave Castle Face for the Son of Flex flexi book (“Strawberry Tomb”) is a perfect example of how they’re taking that je ne sais quoi songwriting prowess to the coast in a convertible and watching the sunset on the beach under a super comfy blanket. They’ve got an LP coming out on Burger this spring that I’m super excited to hear, and hopefully after that Castle Face will get an LP from them, we’ll see.

Matt Jones works at Pirates Press in Potrero Hill, is a partner in Castle Face Records with John Dwyer and Brian Lee Hughes, and a member of the band Blasted Canyons.