The fifth annual FMLY FEST LA is right around the corner, taking place December 29th and 30th down in the City of Angels. NorCal acts Religious Girls, Pregnant, and Diesel Dudes are on the bill, along with over 50 other L.A. and national artists. If you haven’t heard of the collaborative arts festival, don’t worry. This D.I.Y., or D.I.T. (do-it-together) event is meant to foster the growth of communities, as opposed to advertising and self-promotion.

FMLY FEST LA takes place on Saturday and Sunday in the arts district of downtown Los Angeles. The two main venues will be The LA Fort (736 Ceres Ave) and ArtShare (801 E. 4th Place). Performers include members of the FMLY collective such as Emily Reo, Yohuna, Truman Peyote, Little Spoon, Vacation Dad, and Cuddle Formation. Other notable artists who have been invited to play include Lucky Dragons, Mutual Benefit, and Catamaran. LA bands such as Emperor X, Gothic Tropic, and So Many Wizards will hold down the fort, along with Bay Area residents and alumni including Religious Girls, Pregnant, Diesel Dudes, and Lady Lazarus.

Religious Girls told The Bay Bridged:

We are stoked to be playing FMLY Fest LA! This will be our first time playing the fest but not our first FMLY experience. We have played 2 or 3 of the FMLY Rides in the past. Always a great time with FMLY, they keep our DIY/DIT spirit alive! We are good friends with a lot of the acts playing this year. Looking forward to seeing our local buddies and friends from across the country share a stage. Some of which include Diesel Dudes (oakland), Pregnant (placerville), Gothic Tropic (LA), Truman Peyote (WI), So Many Wizards (LA), Truck Bitch (LA) and Raw Geronimo (LA). Also looking forward to seeing the other 30 bands we’ve never played with, and everything else the fest has to offer, if they’re FMLY than they must be something special.

The Oakland synth-and-percussion noise-rock trio recently released a Midnight Realms remix album, featuring remixes from artists such as James & Evander and Old Arc. Stream the album below via SoundCloud:

FMLY FEST will also feature a wide range of visual artists, as well as a a variety of workshops and DIY projects to participate in. Festival organizers recommend traveling by bicycle between the three venues. Festival tickets start at $10 and can be purchased here.

RSVP on Facebook for more information about FMLY FEST including the full lineup of performers and artists. Learn more about FMLY by visiting their website. Bring your Casio, shit’s gonna get weird.

Sample music from some of the artists performing below.