“Get ready…get ready…get ready…get ready…for some SUNBEAM RD….SUNBEAM RD….in the mix! Coming straight out of an electric cave, with wall sockets and all.”

That’s right, San Francisco pop rockers Sunbeam Rd. released Breathers Remixed, a remix compilation of tracks from the band’s 2012 LP. Breathers Remixed is available digitally through Bandcamp, where it can be streamed or downloaded for free. Check it out here:

The remix album features contributions from three members of the band under the guise of their respective solo projects: equators (Trevor Hacker), Magic Triangle (Clive Hacker), and Bubblegum Crisis (Harrison Pollock). Other remixers include Oakland producer Laura Couture a.k.a. Micron Diamond, as well as Roommate, Alecks, Gold Leaf, Coolzey & K Rose, Ecto, Velvet Glacier, Cyclopian, Shape2, Polar B and the Rhombus.

You can order the original Breathers LP on 12″ multicolored vinyl (pictured above), also on Sunbeam Rd.’s Bandcamp page. That album is also available digitally, either streaming or to download (for $9). Listen below: