San Francisco’s Girls In Suede has a style that is tough to pin down. Their new self-titled EP takes you from intricate math-rock to loud, catchy choruses, while hitting just about everything in between throughout the album’s 27-plus minutes. To celebrate the new release, the band is playing a show at Bottom of the Hill on December 20th, and we have a pair of free tickets for you.

To win the two tickets, be the first person to email with “Girls in Suede” in the subject line.

Starting as a Sonoma County high school band that broke up after graduation, Girls In Suede actually reunited five years later with all four original members. When second guitarist Dominic Agius passed away in early 2011, the surviving members made the difficult decision to continue as a three-piece and have played that way ever since. Listen to their great EP in full, along with a video of the band playing the song “Raptor” live, below.

Girls In Suede, Of Shape & Sound, Coast Jumper, Wes Leslie
Bottom of the Hill
December 20, 2012
8:30pm, $10