Photo courtesy of Carrie Richards Photography

We Became Owls is a new, full-band project from singer/songwriter Andrew Blair and multi-instrumentalist Ross Warner that recently released their debut self-titled EP on Bandcamp. Warner and Blair had been making music together for about 15 years, but Blair says he wanted to make his sound a bit more full than what two people could produce. “In my head the songs always had more than just my voice and an acoustic guitar,” explains Blair. “I always felt like I wanted a bass or cello or something stringy like that to add some low color and warmth to what Ross and I were doing.”

After stand-up bassist Sigal Sahar and another multi-instrumentalist in Katie Schlesinger joined Blair and Warner, the band was complete. Below, you can hear “Suitcase”, the opening track from We Became Owls’ first EP. It’s a lovely, bare-bones folk song with a lap steel coming in and out that keeps you on your toes. The rest of the album is solid, as well, and you can stream or download it on Bandcamp, then check out We Became Owls in person at Viracocha on January 5th.

We Became Owls, Tom Rhodes
January 5, 2012
9pm, $15