the hot toddies

The Hot Toddies – “Boogie Nights”

If you’re into talented babes, then you’re surely ready for The Hot Toddies. These Oakland ladies emulate an easy and breezy pop rock, a comforting beacon among a bevy of less-talented bands who take themselves far too seriously. Their ten-song album, Get Your Heart On, is a clever blend of retro pop and indie surf rock peppered with witty lyrics.

Just signed to Tricycle Records, The Hot Toddies are planning to release an EP next month. Heidi, Erin, Jessica, and Sylvia have been playing music since 2005. Sharing a love of whiskey and more whiskey, the band has already successfully toured the US and Europe.

The Hot Toddies will be playing at the Tricycle Records Holiday Party at Public Works on December 19th.

Listen to “Boys on Bikes,” a witty take on all those serious cyclist boys donning too-tight jeans.

The Hot Toddies, DJ Choice, Luisa Black
Public Works
December 19, 2012
9pm, $7