Fans of metal and drone will want to pick up tickets for Tuesday’s show at The Mezzanine, where Southern Lord and Lucifer’s Hammer will present Sunn O))), Dead in the Dirt, and Loincloth.

Seattle doom metal outfit Sunn O))) is known for its dark, atmospheric synthesis of genres including drone, ambient, noise, and black metal. Consisting of two core members – Stephen O’Malley (Khanate, Burning Witch) and Greg Anderson (Goatsnake, Engine Kid) – who are often supported by various collaborators, the band was named after the Sunn amplifier brand and was formed as a tribute to Earth, an early drone metal band. Hear “Ash On the Trees (The Sudden Ebb of a Diatribe)” from The Iron Soul of Nothing, Nurse With Wound‘s album of experimental Sunn O))) remixes released in conjunction with the 2011 reissue of the latter’s proper debut, 2000’s ØØ Void, by Southern Lord and O’Malley’s own label Ideologic Organ.

Atlanta-based grindcore trio Dead in the Dirt will support. Formed by guitarist Blake Connally in December 2008, and eventually incorporating drummer Hank Pratt and bassist Bo Orr, the black metal band has a new LP due in Spring 2013, also on Southern Lord. Listen to “Two Flames” below.

Instrumental metal band Loincloth, whose record Iron Balls of Steel is out now on (you guessed it) Southern Lord, will open the Tuesday night show. Stream “Sactopus” below, via the label’s SoundCloud page.

Sunn O))), Dead in the Dirt, Loincloth
The Mezzanine
December 18, 2012
9pm, $20