On Thursday, December 13th, Mashi Mashi Presents is hosting the dual-purpose Chasms Record Release and Sleep Genius Label Launch Party at The Knockout in San Francisco. Chasms, Whirr (UPDATE: Bad News will replace Whirr on the bill) and Some Ember will perform, with DJ sets from Mashi Mashi (aka Masha Pershay) and Scott Moore.

The show will mark the debut of San Francisco record label upstart Sleep Genius, founded by Brad DerManouelian and his partner, Marc. The show is celebrating the release of Chasms’ “Bad Evolution” 12″ single, the first release on Sleep Genius. Chasms is a San Francisco-based shoegaze duo comprised of Jess Labrador on guitar/vocals and Shannen Madden on bass. DerManouelian told 7×7 that he chose Chasms as the label’s debut release because “they’re amazing” and he “can talk to them like peers.”

Some Ember only has a couple more Bay Area shows before the band relocates to New York City in early 2013. Catch Dylan Travis and his bandmates Nina Chase, Josh Unger, and Peter Wallner perform top-notch Oakland-bred synth-goth jams like “Flowers Open”:

Noisy NorCal shoegaze collective Whirr will round out the evening with one of their intentionally loud fuzz-pop sets. Whirr’s two full-length albums Distressor and Pipe Dreams are out now. Listen to their track “Ghost” below:

Chasms, Whirr Bad News, Some Ember
The Knockout
December 13, 2012
$6, 8pm