James & Evander - press photo by Nicole L Browner

James & Evander, playing The Bay Brewed this Saturday (tomorrow!), are an electronic pop duo based out of Oakland. The band is no stranger to The Bay Bridged — they performed at Rock Make Street Festival in 2011, and have been featured many times on the blog this year surrounding the release of their LP Bummer Pop back in May. But don’t let the album’s title throw you off, the band is capable of loud, heavy beats that will get people moving on Saturday. Plus, they have two things in common with this event: they’re local, and they enjoy beer. Here’s a little more about their favorite local breweries, and who excites them on The Bay Brewed music bill.

Do you have a favorite local beer company out of those participating in this year’s festival?

We can often be found drinking beer from Anchor Steam and/or 21st Amendment Brewery.

What are your favorite beers by said breweries?

The original Anchor Steam, the Liberty Ale, and their winter seasonal beers are delicious. When it comes to 21st Amendment, the IPA is the favorite, but Back in Black is a close second.

Glenn, tell us about any fond memories of times at the 21st Amendment restaurant in downtown San Francisco that you can remember.

21st Amendment is always a good place to watch a game (of any nature, not just the Giants), as there are a lot of screens and the beer is strong, so even if your team loses (which happens to us a lot being As/Warriors fans) you leave happy.

You two dwell in the East Bay. Where are the choice spots to sip on craft beer out there?

The Trappist, Bar 355, and the Night Light are our usual East Bay haunts for tasty suds! The Trappist has a pretty extensive array of taps and a nice patio, and Bar 355 and the Night Light have fewer beers but some damn good vibes.

Which acts on Saturday are you most excited to perform with?

We’re extremely excited to be on the same bill with Bear in Heaven, Beast Rest Forth Mouth has a place in our hearts. Hopefully we won’t be too intoxicated by the time they perform!

Do any of your song lyrics refer to beer, or even allude to consequences of too much beer?

It’s probably safe to say that most of our songs result in one way or another from the consequences of too much beer, but in particular “Let’s Go” is about drinking too much so that you can’t really find the right words to tell someone how you feel. We’ve all been there, right? Right?!

James & Evander are playing The Bay Brewed this Saturday, along with Bear in Heaven, Sonny + the Sunsets, Born Gold, Blasted Canyons, and Trails and Ways. Get your tickets today!