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“Belgian beers with a distinct California twist” is the mission of Triple Voodoo Brewing, which was founded in 2010 to explore unique styles of craft beer. They’ll be one of the thirteen great breweries at The Bay Brewed 2012 this Saturday, December 1st. Triple Voodoo’s year-round offerings include a Belgian-style ale with a California IPA feel, and a Grand Cru made with “Belgian style grains and hops with the addition of Honey, Blue Agave Nectar, Coriander, and Orange Peel.”

Triple Voodoo label

Triple Voodoo continues to expand in a number of directions, with a Belgian Witbier, a barrel-aged ale, and an Imperial IPA all announced over the last few months. Be sure to check them out at The Bay Brewed and buy your tickets right now!